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Welcome to our Touchless Automatic carwash! The Kondor Touchless Automatic is the second generation of it's kind. This Automatic Carwash uses the newest technology available to provide you with a superior clean.

Carefully controlled by computer technology, every cycle of each wash, has been meticulously programmed to clean your vehicle thoroughly and efficiently. Each product is applied and removed in the order that will get your vehicle as clean as possible. When the wash is finished, our Air Blades are activated and remain on for a full minute so your vehicle can be thoroughly dried on your way out. Don't worry, our count-down timer located to the right of the exit, will keep track of how much time you have left so you can maximize the amount of time you spend under our dryers.

Check Out Our Packages

This is our quickest wash.

Designed to get you in and out when you're in a hurry and need a clean vehicle. 

So much more for only a buck!

With the addition of a tire and undercarriage wash for additional attention to detail, and a more thorough bumper to bumper clean. Our premium sealer wax used in this wash adds that extra gloss and shine of a truly clean vehicle.

Our most popular package!

The use of triple foam in this premium package allows for superior conditioning and a better clean. Triple foam is a conditioner that helps to clean off any remaining dirt or residue as well as allowing our wax to adhere better to your vehicle for a longer lasting shine.