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Photo Gallery

Kerman Carwash Kerman Carwash Our newest vaccums complete with carpet washing 167373474 Large, spacious lot to allow for easy manouverability 167373475 Plexiglass at the back of each bay allows lots of natural light in 167373476 167373477 We designed our building with a large glass window to allow natural light in 167373478 167373479 Our automated teller and wash menu is easy and convenient to use and accepts VISA, Mastercard and gift cards which can be purchased from us. 167373480 167373481 167373482 Our over-sized entrance allows for easy entry and lining-up 167373483 Rocker panels and undercarriage washing is perfect for removing even the dirt you can't see 167373484 The light-up display vividly tells you which part of your carwash you are in 167373485 Rocker panels and tire washers hard at work 167373486 Pre-soak is important in loosening up the dirt on your vehicle 167373488 Triple Foam 167373489 Take your time driving out! Our timer will count down how much time you have left so you can maximize your drying time 167373490